Hey Key Renters!

Here’s a few guidelines to make the most out of your practice time at Drums@GoGo, and to make sure other will too.


  • Turn off and unplug all electrical appliances after practicing. Hence, please don’t leave any food/unsealed stuff in the fridge after you leave.
  • If you use audio PA, audio interface or Mac, please always turn those off first, then switch the multiple socket off, and last unplug it.
  • When using the Mac, the very first thing to do is starting the mac fan control app, so it won’t overheat and/or shut down suddenly.
  • If you move equipment around, please put it back in place, so less experienced people who come to practice next won’t feel lost. That includes snare wires, if you turn them off, cables, stands etc.
  • NO SMOKING inside the studio, and ideally nor in the corridor, but that’s tolerated.
  • NO drugs, fire or weapons must ever enter our beloved studio!
  • If anything breaks, please let me know asap.
  • Please try to leave the place as clean as possible every time.
  • OUT OF INSPIRATION with your drumming practice? check for some song transcriptions!


  • Make sure you book on the Drums @ GoGo calendar, and not on your personal one (seems silly but it happens regularly as the booking app isn’t very clear).
  • Cancel your booking as soon as you realise or decide you won’t make it to the studio, so other users can take the slot, if needed.
  • Try to be realistic when booking yourselves in (e.g. don’t busy 4 straight hours if you know you won’t stay that long) so others can find space on the calendar too.
  • If nobody is booked in before or after your slot, feel free to stay as long as you want and have fun!


Very important! As some of you experienced in the past, the piping in the basement is very delicate and there’s always risk it would leak or even flood overnight so PLEASE make sure you always lock toilet door, main water key and sink key, before leaving. Even if anything was unlocked when you arrived.

If anybody else in the basement asks to keep it unlocked, please ignore them. Regular users have the right key and know how to deal with that, and we need to prevent external people coming in, to avoid any sort of problems.

You’ll find a copy of the toilet key inside the lamp jug on the right speaker (by the white drumkit). ALWAYS put it back there after using, please, so others will find it.

In the same jar there’s another more old-style-looking key. That one opens another toilet around the block, in case of emergencies with our toilet. PLEASE DON’T SHARE THIS INFORMATION as we’re not supposed to use it, and toilet access seems to trigger musicians feelings 🙂


Bank transfer to:

Alessandro Guida

DE83 2004 1144 0559 5038 00


Thanks and…


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